Iron Gods

Torch needs your help!
The Flame has been stifled!

Torch has been famous for the last few decades for its magical flame. Burning hot enough to melt even the seven skymetals, yet so directional that paper a few feet away doesn’t even singe, the flame of Torch has been the key to town’s continuing growth in prominence and wealth. Heavy tithes demanded by the Technic League limit opportunities in Torch, but the town has long managed to continue to operate. But now, the magical flame of Torch is extinguished.

A recently discovered cave beneath the Torch seems to be key to the mystery. Five expeditions have been sent into the caves. One has returned, led by Khonnir Baine, one of Torch’s prominent citizens. However, Khonnir has yet to return from his second trip to find the source of the flame and whatever has suddenly stopped it. The town of Torch is organizing a sixth expedition, and you, for your own reasons, have decided to answer the call.


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