Character Creation Guidelines

Mentioned books are available via Google Docs.

Ability Scores: 25 Pt buy using the rules here or p 16 of the Core Rulebook. For those who are annoyed by point buys, contact Ben to set up a time to roll scores in Roll20.

Race Restrictions: Common and featured races in the Advanced Race Guide are legal. Uncommon ARG races require DM approval. If you want to use a human ethnicity out of the Inner Sea World Guy, please let Ben know ahead of time.

Class Restrictions: Characters start at level 1. Anything out of the Core Rulebook, the Advanced Player Guide, and the Advanced Class Guide is legal.

Traits: 1 trait must come from the Second Darkness Player Guide pages 14-15 (reprinted here. Researching the Blot has been updated to make it more Pathfinder appropriate). The 2nd trait can come from a reputable source. If it’s not one of the sources Ben included in the Google Docs, let him know where it’s from.

Starting Gold: Take either the average for your class or roll in Roll20. Contact Ben to set up a time.

Questions? Contact Ben!

Iron Gods

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